Media Registration


Media Credential Application

During the Mountain Games, the media help desk and registration is located at Golden Peak at the base of Vail Mountain.


9am – 5pm


9am – 5pm


9am – 7pm

Gift bag pick-up closes at 6pm


6am – 6pm

Gift bag pick-up opens at 8am


6am – 2pm

Gift bag pick-up opens at 8am

The Media Center will have on-site wifi access for accredited members of the media only. Please inquire how to access this network when you pick up your media credential and information packet.

Tom Boyd

Media Chief & Director of Communications
Vail Valley Foundation

Mountain Games News Service

Our newsroom is the best place to get story ideas, catch up on what’s going on, and read up on all the latest. Please use it as a resource. Throughout the GoPro Mountain Games, uniformed members of the Mountain Games News Service (MGNS) will be available to help you find interview subjects and understand the ins and outs of all the various events and activities. Check out our latest MGNS piece in the NEWSROOM.


The Mountain Games is a complex event with a lot of moving parts. To keep media up to speed, we utilize a text-to-mobile app to send short updates on start times and other critical media information. Accredited media will have the chance to opt in or out of this service at the start of the Mountain Games.

Proper usage

Always refer to the event as the GoPro Mountain Games in first reference and the GoPro Mountain Games or Mountain Games thereafter, never the GoPro Games.


Many of you will be gunning for the best vid or pic, but it’s not worth putting yourself or the competitors in danger to get it. We expect all of you to play it safe, and if not, we will revoke your media credential.


Find shelter at a hotel or campsite by visiting  PLAN YOUR VISIT.