Steep Creek Championship

Steep Creek Championship


Dropping a whopping 480-feet per mile, Homestake Creek is a paddling gem that was once known only to Vail Valley locals.

In 2002, local kayakers hosted a successful grassroots race on the creek with no more than a keg of beer waiting at the finish line. The next year Mountain Games took Homestake Creek nationwide as some of the world’s best kayakers hucked their meat down drops like “Leap of Faith” and “Piece of S**t.” Race rules are simple – the fastest time to the finish line of the ¼ mile creek wins.

10:00 AM

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Tuesday, June 7 at 6:00pm.

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The TINCUP Steep Creek Championship is for serious Class V kayakers. Pins, swims and injuries happen here, even to top athletes. The course is on Homestake Creek located outside the town of Red Cliff and is approximately ¼ mile long and drops 480 per mile. All competitors must have successfully navigated the course prior to the competition.


Open – Men
Open – Women

  • Boats may not exceed 9′ in length. All boats will be measured.
  • Boats must be plastic, production whitewater creek boats with bulkhead footrests and appropriate grab-handles.
  • Pre-production, modified or non-creek specific boats within the standards of modern creek-specific designs may be allowed, but only with prior approval of the Race Directors.
  • Athletes must dress for creek-boating Class V whitewater:
    • Rescue-certified PFDs are recommended.
    • Full-face helmets and elbow pads recommended.
    • Low-protection slalom helmets are prohibited.
    • Throw bag required.
    • Float bags strongly encouraged.
  • Unsafe or excessively used equipment (such as: excessively worn PFDs, unsuitable helmets, damaged boats, spray skirts with holes, inadequate footwear, etc.) may be deemed unsuitable.
  • All athletes are required to have their boat washed onsite prior to training and racing at the designated boat wash station or they will be subject to disqualification. Please be respectful of the US Forest Service for allowing us to use this precious resource.
  • Athletes must wear competitor bibs outside their PFDs at all times.
  • Event organizers and whitewater rescue teams are not responsible for equipment rescue and/or equipment removal from the Mountain Games whitewater courses should athletes lose their equipment during practice or competition.
  • The TINCUP Steep Creek Championship is for serious Class V kayakers.. 
  • Athletes must arrive at the put in 45 minutes before the race start to check in, complete gear check, attend the mandatory safety meeting and pick up their competition bib  
  • Due to downstream hazards, all athletes must take out at the designated take-out, or they may be subject to disqualification from the event 
  • Exact competition format to be determined and announced based on entries and water levels on the day of the race 
  • The race will be run in a time-trial format.  
  • Athletes’ bib and start times will be electronically and manually recorded at the start and finish line. 
  • Athletes will start on the designated starting ramp.  
  • Finish times will be recorded when the athlete crosses the finish line 
  • At minimum, the top 50% of athletes competing in each division will advance. 

I-70 west to exit 171, Minturn/US Highway 6 & 24. At bottom of ramp, take right. Follow Highway 6 & 24 about 30 minutes. Cross over the Red Cliff Bridge. About 1.4 miles past the bridge, take a right and park. Walk down the hill about 100 yards to the start line. Parking is very limited so please carpool with friends.



1st Place: Dane Jackson
2nd Place: Valentin Gutierrez
3rd Place: Riley Frank


Price & Prizes


REGISTRATION LAUNCH // February 25 – April 15, 2022

EARLY BIRD // April 16 – May 31, 2022

EVENT PRICING // June 1 – June 7, 2022


total prize purse: $7,000

1st – $2,000
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $500

1st – $2,000
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $500


Prizes are to be determined.

Price & Prizes

Event Map

race start & finish:

Red Cliff, Colorado


Steep Creek Championship

homestake creek

red cliff, co

This ¼ mile stretch of creek near Eagle County’s oldest town, Red Cliff, is the location of the TINCUP Steep Creek Championship. Homestake is for experienced kayakers, but spectating the race is extremely fan-friendly! By car it takes about a half hour from Vail Village to reach Homestake Creek for the competition.