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DockDogs Dueling Dogs | Thursday


Green means go in this head-to-head jump and swim race. Prepare for some epic doggie paddling and a photo finish or two.

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Similar to two cars racing for pinks, Dueling Dogs brings street racing to the dock with a head-to-head jump and swim race. When the light hits green both dogs launch off the dock and swim to retrieve a toy suspended at the end of the pool. Fastest pup wins.

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Thursday, June 6

Qualifying Round 1 – 12pm

Qualifying Round 2 – 2:15pm

Friday, June 7

Qualifying Round 3 – 8:30am

Qualifying Round 4 – 1pm

Qualifying Round 5 – 1:45pm

Saturday, June 8

Qualifying Round 6 – 8:30am

Qualifying Round 7 – 1:30pm

Qualifying Round 8 – 2:15pm

Sunday, June 9

Qualifying Round 9 – 8:30am

Qualifying Round 10 – 1:45pm

FINALS – 4:30pm

Dog Town (Lionshead)