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eBike MTN Circuit


Class 1 eMTB competition geared for some good ol’ mountain fun.


SUNDAY, June 9

Junior (U14) – 2pm
Amateur (Men & Women) – 2:30pm
Pro (Men & Women) – 3pm
FINALS – 3:40pm

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Sunday, June 7 at 11:00am.

This is a Class 1 Electric Mountain Bike Race (eMTB). The race event will be held on a course at the base of Golden Peak (Adventure Village), just East of Chair 6, specifically designed for eMTB racers. Expect obstacles, berms, and more that will take you and your eMTB to the limits.

Class 1 eMTB is a specific classification for sustainable use on trails, paths or riding areas. Class 1 eMTB models are defined as “a bicycle with fully operable pedals, and an electric motor under 750 Watts peak power that must be pedaled to activate the motor and that ceases to provide power above 20 mph”.

There will be three classes at this year’s event including: Pro (Men & Women), Amateur (Men & Women), and Junior (14 & Under). All participants will use an eMTB provided by a top quality bike manufacturer, like Bosch, or provided by the racer.

SUNDAY, June 7

11:00AM   Registration Closes
11:00AM   Athlete practice & inspection – Open
1:30PM    Athlete practice & inspection – Closed
1:45PM    Rider Meeting and bike inspection – Start line
1:55PM    Athletes lined up at start

2:00 PM   HEATS
2:00 PM   Junior shoot out – 24 athletes – 4 laps
2:25 PM   Am Shoot out – 32 athletes – 6 laps
2:50 PM   Pro Shoot out – 24 athletes – 8 laps

3:30 PM   FINALS
3:30 PM   Final Juniors – 24 athletes – 4 laps
3:55 PM   Final Ams – 32 athletes – 6 laps
4:20 PM   Final Pros – 24 athletes – 8 laps

5:00 Prizes & Awards

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Sunday, June 7 at 11:00am.


Pro (Men & Women)
Amateur (Men & Women)
Junior (U14)

Competition Format & Rules:
  • Racers will start and finish in Adventure Village (East of Chair 6 in Golden Peak).
  • Racers will start each heat lined up in rows.
  • All racers will advance to the finals. Starting position will be determined by qualifier finishing place.
Required Gear:
  • Only eMTBs that meet the following specifications for a Class 1 electric bicycle are allowed to race:
    1. Bikes operated by the following systems: Bosch, Brose, Shimano, or Yamaha
    2. Bikes that include fully operable pedals
    3. Bikes that include an electric motor of less than 750 watts that provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling
    4. Bikes that include a motor that ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches a speed of 20 miles per hour
    5. Bikes that include do not include a throttle
  • All eMTBs must pass a technical inspection no later than 30 minutes prior to race start time. Top finishers’ bikes will be inspected after the finish of their race. An inspection corral will be located near the start/finish of the race.
  • Demo eMTBs may be available from Bosch for use during the race.
  • Helmets are required; Elbow and knee pads are recommended.

Start and finish is in Golden Peak (Adventure Village) just East of Chair 6.



REGISTRATION LAUNCH // February 5 – April 4, 2020
$65 – Pro/Amateur/Junior

EARLY BIRD // April 5 – May 25, 2020
$75 – Pro/Amateur/Junior

EVENT PRICING // May 26 – June 7, 2020
$85 – Pro/Amateur/Junior


total purse: $2,000

MEN & WOMEN – (Overall – Pro)
1st – $725
2nd – $425
3rd – $275
4th – $200
5th – $150
6th – $100
7th – $75
8th – $50



Price & Prizes