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Mountain Masters Disc Golf


Forget the country club. Our mountain greens are dialed to disc hucking perfection.




As its name implies, disc golf is golf with a flying disc, rather than a ball. The sport was formalized in the 1970’s, and shares with “ball golf” the object of completing each hole in the fewest strokes (or, in the case of disc golf, fewest throws). Like many of the events at the GoPro Mountain Games, there’s a twist. Competitors must survive 3 skills challenges, a 9-hole course, and an 18-hole course before earning their place in the finals on Sunday. The top 72 players with the best skills in qualifying will step up to play in the final round of golf on our one-of-a-kind disc golf championship course. There are divisions and payouts for both men & women.


Friday, June 8

Qualifying – 8am

Saturday, June 9

Qualifying – 8am

Sunday, June 10

FINALS – 9:30am

The Mountain Games Mountain Masters Disc Golf is capped at 288 athletes. This competition most likely will sell out, so early registration is recommended. Organizers will not be responsible for incomplete, lost, or misdirected registrations or for registrations not received for any reason, including, without limitation, failure or malfunction of any communications network or equipment or computer software or hardware. NO REFUNDS & NO TRANSFERRING OF REGISTRATION.


Men & Women

Competition Format:

Registration will be capped at 288 players.  All players will be placed in 1 of 4 “pools” A-B-C-D.  Qualifying will take place on Friday and Saturday.  Each pool will complete one round on the 9-hole AMP Course, one round on the 18-hole Maloit Park Course, and three individual skills challenges – MPH, Putting, & Accuracy.  Saturday tee times will be dictated by Friday’s results.

The top 25% cumulative scores in each division (Men & Women) after both qualifying days are finished will advance to the Sunday Finals.  Players who qualify for the finals will play one round on the 18-hole Maloit Park Course in Minturn on Sunday.  The Finals will be scored independently from the qualifying rounds and will consist solely of stroke play disc golf competition with places determined by the round score.


Players must use their own discs for all phases of the competition.  Pools A,B,C,D and tee times for Friday and Saturday will be announced roughly a month in advance.  Registrants will be notified via e-mail and all start list and tee times will be posted on the Mountain Games website.  This event is not PDGA sanctioned.  Competition details including format and scoring are subject to change.

Skills Challenges and Scoring

Qualification rounds on the AMP 9-hole course and Maloit Park Course will follow standard stroke play.  Your score is the total number of strokes required to finish the round.  Each players score for the 9-hole round and 18-hole round will be added to their skills challenge point totals.  The lowest 72 scores will move on to the Sunday Finals.


Players will attempt to make putts at a basket from 3 distances.

  • Each player starts the putting challenge with 12 points.
  • Every putt made will reduce your total points
  • Players will have a 1:00 minute shot clock
  • Two (2) putts at the 20’ target – each made putt is worth -1 point
  • Two (2) putts at the 25’ target – each made putt is worth -1 point
  • Two (2) putts at the 30’ target – each made putt is worth -1 point
  • Best score if all putts are made = 6; worst score if all putts are missed = 12

Players throw discs at a basket with as much speed as possible with potential score multipliers in play.

  • Each player starts the MPH challenge with 12 points
  • Players will have a 1:00 minute shot clock
  • Players will get a total of three (3) throws. Only the best throw will be calculated.
  • The score is calculated as 10% of your total MPH throw after bonuses have been awarded and subtracting it from 12 points.
  • 10% score bonus for sticking a throw in the basket.
  • 2x score bonus for the “mail slot”, a small rectangular opening below the basket.
  • Example: A player throws 42MPH and sticks it in the basket.
    • 42MPH + basket bonus of 10% = 46.2
    • 10% of overall score = 4.62
    • 12 starting points – 4.62 = 7.38 final score

* It is possible to earn negative points for this challenge.


Players throw discs at a basket for various locations trying to get as close to the basket as possible.

  • Each player starts the accuracy challenge with 12 points.
  • Players will get three (3) throws total from three (3) different locations.
  • The closer a disc lands to the basket, the more points awarded. Sticking a throw in the basket awards the player 4 points.
  • The final score is the total of the three (3) throws subtracted from the 12 original points.
  • Example: A players throw from each location are as follows.
    • Location 1 – the throw gives the player 2 points.
    • Location 2 – the throw gives the player 1 point.
    • Location 3 – the player sticks it in the basket gaining him 4 points
    • Total points are 2+1+4=7. 12 – 7= 5 total points
Example Scoring Scenario:

After 2 days of qualifying, a player scores:

  • 24 on the 9-hole AMP Course
  • 55 on the 18-hole Maloit Park Course
  • 6 on the putting skills challenge
  • 7.38 on the MPH skills challenge
  • 5 on the Accuracy skills challenge

24+55+6+7.38+5 = 97.38 Total Score




EARLY BIRD (3/1-3/30)


STANDARD (3/31-6/5)


EVENT (6/6-6/10)



Total prize purse: $8,500

Payout schedule to be determined

Price & Prizes