Headphones and yoga in the mix at 2018 GoPro Mountain Games
Photo: Teddy Sirotek

Headphones and yoga in the mix at 2018 GoPro Mountain Games

Posted by: Tom Boyd

By Tommy Boyd

One of the most intriguing paradoxes of Yoga is that it’s at once an individual experience – one that is often deeply personal – and yet it’s usually practiced together with others: an instructor and other practitioners together.

This influx of a shared-yet-personal experience is something that has always fascinated Jillian Keaveny, who will be taking this concept to new levels when she comes to the 2018 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail to instruct two classes (Friday, June 8 and Sunday, June 10) as part of the event’s 2018 Lorissa’s Kitchen Yoga Lineup.

Keaveny is a Denver-based yoga/fitness instructor (and DJ) who has pioneered a unique approach to yoga that borrows from the “silent disco” concept sub-culture that’s blossoming in Denver with help from Sound Off Colorado. Equipped with headphones, practitioners in Keaveny’s sessions can hear only the music and her voice as they move through her classes, heightening the experience in a way that highlights yoga’s innate dual nature.

“It’s an additional element to the experience – all you hear is the teacher’s voice and the music. It takes an already-inward experience and dials it up about 100 notches,” Keaveny said. “Everyone disappears, yet you’re still there with 100 people all doing the same thing. It’s a very cool experience.”

Lorissa's Kitchen yoga
Yoga instructor Jillian Keaveny will bring her DJ and yoga skills to Vail for the 2018 GoPro Mountain Games as part of the Lorissa’s Kitchen Yoga Lineup. Photo by Julia Morgan.

Keaveny has designed two sessions that are perfectly timed for GoPro Mountain Games participants when they come to Vail June 7-10. The first is the “Sound Off™ Fit and Fold” session that will occur on Friday, perfectly timed to be a warm-up to the weekend’s activities.

“We want to get people early, when they’re fresh,” Keaveny said. She described the Fit and Fold class as being 35 minutes of high-intensity fitness, followed by 35 minutes of yoga to, “balance and compliment,” the workout portion of the session.

Then on Sunday, as athletes are winding down from a weekend of activity, Keaveny will host a “Sound Off™ Fit and Focused yoga for athletic recovery,” session.

“It will address all the areas of the body that we utilize a lot here in Colorado, and that people will utilize during the GoPro Mountain Games,” Keaveny said. The session will counteract and compliment the stresses on the body that are likely to take place for anyone who is out participating in the Mountain Games – either as spectator OR athlete.

Both classes with make use of the headphone technique. Learn more aboutKeaveny at www.jilliankeaveny.com.


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