In focus with OutsideTV
Photo: Zach Mahone

In focus with OutsideTV

Posted by: Tom Boyd

To produce this year’s video content, the Vail Valley Foundation partnered with one of the most powerful storytellers in the business

By Tom Boyd
DockDogs GoPro Mountain Games
DockDogs is one of the most captivating events at the GoPro Mountain Games. Photo by Zach Mahone.

A slow-motion DockDog in mid-air, with its lips flapping ever so gently,  it’s paws scraping for unfound purchase as it heads toward an inevitable, gigantic, splash … well, it’s about as close to visual poetry as any moment this planet has to offer.

And its only one of the thousands of incredible moments that are about to take place at the GoPro Mountain Games.

From the Blue Buffalo DockDogs venue to the EverBank IFSC World Cup Climbing Wall, from the Amp to Kid’s Adventure Village, this town is about to explode in a visual smorgasbord so large, and so bounteous, that even old King Hrothgar might flinch at the idea of ingesting it all.

Which is why only the best of the best are qualified to undertake the task of capturing it all on film.

OutsideTV is the official production partner of the Vail Valley Foundation and the GoPro Mountain Games, and with good reason. Steeped in the knowledge of mountain sports, music, art and culture, OutsideTV makes the perfect partner to bring this event to life.

They’ve also got an Emmy.

That’s right, OutsideTV, already known as the leading provider in action and adventure sports content, was recently honored at the 38th Annual Sports Emmy Awards in New York City with the Award for Outstanding Camera Work for Outside TV original mini-series Image Quest.

“I am very happy to see our talented production team be recognized with this award,” Mark Burchill, CEO Outside TV, said in a release. “It is a testament to the type of compelling and visually captivating work the team delivers day in and day out, and we are thrilled to see what the future holds for the network.”

Check out this nice little sample of their work in the video below and let’s all gear up for a weekend that will make us all feel like major award winners. See you all out there soon…

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