Steep Creek moves to Dowd Chute for 2018
Photo: Logan Robertson

Steep Creek moves to Dowd Chute for 2018

Posted by: Tom Boyd

NEWS ALERT – UPDATED 6 P.M. June 5, 2018

Well, shoot.

Low water means we’re not going to be able to host a competitive race on Homestake Creek. So, our Homestake Steep Creek Championship is moving to a new location and has a new name.

The location? Dowd Chute.

The name? The “Oh Chute Kayak Challenge”.

The remaining GoPro Mountain Games events are all on track. So, let’s have some fun and run some rivers. Here’s the breakdown to the extent that we know it at this time:

Oh Chute Kayak Challenge:

Start: Exact start location TBD.

Finish: Bottom of “The Chute” on the Eagle River.

Description: This race will once again take the Mountain Games to the legendary “Dowd Chute” Class IV section of river that local paddlers know and love. The event has a history with this stretch of river, going back to the years when there was an International Whitewater Series, before the Mountain Games existed. Since 2003, its second year, the Mountain Games has hosted an event on Homestake Creek, however, this year’s low water fluctuates too much during the course of the day to allow for competitive racing conditions.

Parking: Extremely limited parking will be available at the Forest Service Ranger station at Meadow Mountain. Spectators are encouraged to bike or walk to the event. No parking will be available at the event takeout.

Spectating: Spectators will be able to view the race from the pedestrian bridge overlooking the Eagle River, above the confluence of Gore Creek and the Eagle River. Spectators will not be allowed on river left or river right of the Dowd Chute section of the run.

Details: More information about course times, start location, race format, etc coming soon.

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