This unique bus is all the buzz

This unique bus is all the buzz

Posted by: Tom Boyd

Wild Tonic’s signature “Arnold the Buzz Bus” has a personality – and a story – all his own

By Sara Putnam – Wild Tonic

At this year’s GoPro Mountain Games, you might see a van so personable, so charming, that you might expect him to open his headlight-eyes and strike up a conversation with you.

Arnold the Buzz Bus – before his transformation.

His favorite topics? Road trips, romantic evenings on the beach, and kombucha – of course – because “Arnold the Buzz Bus” is the iconic vehicle of Wild Tonic hard jun kombucha, which will have a prevalent, and tasty, presence at the 2019 GoPro Mountain Games in Vail June 6-9.

He has a story that’s as wild and sweet as Wild Tonic kombucha itself.

The Buzz Bus’s journey started in 1974 in Southern California – he will always be a SoCal guy at heart! He spent most of his days with his original owner, and namesake ‘Arnold’. The Buzz Bus was lovingly cared for throughout the years as they aged together and was ultimately restored. When the original owner passed away, his children left the Buzz Bus to close family friends, where they appropriately named the bus ‘Arnold’, in his honor. During their days together, they enjoyed many Sunday drives as a family.

Arnold became a full-fledged member of the Wild Tonic team in 2018; we spiffed him up a bit with a new wrap, but other than that (and a new engine!) he has all of his original parts. Now that Arnold the Buzz Bus is ready to roll, we will be journeying from the red rocks of Sedona to the peaks of Colorado on our journey to the GoPro Mountain Games. We are so excited to introduce him to the world! Join us on this epic road trip as Wild Tonic and Arnold the Buzz Bus travel through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Southwest. We will be documenting Arnold’s journey on Instagram @drinkwildtonic.

Cruising the country with a smile – Arnold is making a lot of friends along the way.

At the GoPro Mountain Games, Arnold will be hanging at the Wild Tonic space next to the kayak hole. Please come meet him for some selfies and the BEST kombucha you have ever tasted. Wild Tonic uniquely brews our Jun kombucha with honey (not cane sugar, which is used in most kombucha) which produces a light and smooth taste with subtle hints of honey. We take pride in our sustainably sourced, organic ingredients so you can feel good about what’s inside. Looking for something a bit stronger? You’ll be able to purchase our 5.6% Hard Jun Kombucha at select Mountain Games  concessions and in the iconic Gerald R Ford Amphitheater for the GoPro Mountains of Music FREE concerts each night during the games!

From the Mountain Games we plan to travel the country with Arnold, bringing him to events and retailers throughout the country.

Follow his journey @drinkwildtonic #thebuzzbus.


Arnold at the beach, chillin with his friends.

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