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Ultimate Mountain Challenge


Anyone who registers for the GoPro Mountain Games is automatically entered. Compete in more events. Earn more points. Become an Ultimate Mountain Champion.

2019 event information to be announced soon!

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2019 event information to be announced soon!


Every registered athlete is eligible to earn points in the Ultimate Mountain Challenge (UMC). The event will be graded on a point system, and finishing any of our athletic events will gain YOU, the athlete, points in the UMC.*


Each event will be given a multiplier based on difficulty (1, 2, and 3), and athletes will be given points according to their finish ranking. Finish first in a most-difficult event (x3), and you’ll get 9 points. Finish first in a medium difficulty event (x2) and you’ll get 6 points. Participate in a fun and untimed event like the mud run, and you’ll get 1 point. Bonus points will be given for “cross-discipline” participation (e.g. participating in a bike event and a kayak event will get you an additional bonus point vs participating in two bike events).

A leaderboard will track the event in real-time “mountain time” throughout the weekend, and fans will get to cheer on the event’s most active athletes from all age groups and all disciplines.

*dockdogs, Mountain Click Photo Comp, IFSC World Cup Climbing, EverBank Kids Free Mountain Bike Race and the International Slackline Invitational will not be included in UMC. IFSC World Cup climbing and Slackline Invitational are invitation only, and dockdogs is a non-human event.

JUNE 6 – 9


What is the difficulty multiplier assigned to each specific event?

Difficulty multipliers depend on the event. They have been determined by a combination of factors, including: skill level required, time commitment, participation caps and historical results.

Please consult the point rubric for a complete breakdown of event points.

Are points only awarded for top 3 finishers? Does that go by age group or by registration category?

Everyone who finishes each event receives points. The better you finish and the higher the difficulty, the more points you’ll earn. The rankings go by age group for running and biking events, but by category for all other events.

For example, the 10K Spring Runoff could have fourteen different people who earn nine points for first place because there are fourteen different categories (seven age brackets per gender), but there will only be two first place winners for Steep Creek Championship because the categories are open by gender.

Are participation points awarded if athletes don’t finish in the top 3?

Participation points are awarded regardless of rank. Did Not Start (DNS) and Did Not Finish (DNF) participants do not receive points at all. So, if you sign up for an event and finish, you will get a ‘finisher point’ and potentially a ‘cross-disciplinary point’ depending on the event.

How many bonus points are awarded for cross-discipline participation, and does that apply to ALL disciplines?

Each different discipline in which you participate earns you an additional point. So, for example, if you finish in a run event, a bike event, a water (SUP, Kayak or Raft) event, fishing, yoga and photo, you would earn 5 points for additional disciplines.

What is the difference in potential points based on which category an athlete enters? For example are Open categories worth the same as Pro or Masters?

The only event that carries two different category weights is the XC Mountain Bike on Saturday. The 10:45 am wave carries a higher weight than the 3:45 pm wave because those riders complete more laps.


Yogis will earn one participation point and one discipline point regardless of whether they take one class or eight classes over the course of the weekend.

dockdogs, Mountain Click Photo Comp, IFSC World Cup Climbing, EverBank Kids Free Mountain Bike Race and the Tudor International Slackline Invitational will NOT be included in the UMC.

What is the best way for athletes to plan their Games so they can prepare for time conflicts?

Please review the Mountain Games EVENT SCHEDULE to study all start times and locations. Then, check our past results in our website’s ARCHIVE to gauge whether or not two events will compete with each other. For example, competing in the SUP Sprint at 10:30 am on Saturday and the XC Mountain bike at 11:45 am on Saturday is possible, but the SUP Sprint finishes at the Covered Bridge in Vail Village at the XC Mountain Bike starts in Adventure Village, so you may need help with gear, hydration, nutrition, etc. in the short transition.

Event Start Rules

  • Pepi’s Face-off: competitors must be present at the starting bell at their wave of Pepi’s Face-off in order to score a valid start. Late arrivals will score a DNS.
  • 5k & 10k Races: competitor start times will begin at clock start. Late arrivals will not score a DNS.

No special accommodations for start time or order will be made for UMC Athletes.

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Just don’t do it.

UMC athletes are encouraged to compete at the appropriate level in each of their events. Organizers reserve the right to issue a points penalty if competitors participate in a category well below their skill level.

Athlete disputes must be submitted by 1 hour after final results are posted.

Result Dispute and UMC Event Format Feedback