Protect our Playground
Photo: Chris Kendig

Protect our playground

Our Goal: To host a mountain-lifestyle festival that prioritizes and shines a light on the importance of protecting the beautiful mountains, rivers and forests in which we choose to recreate and creating a positive impact on our playground during the event and beyond.

Protect our Playground

We Love the Outdoors


Why we want to 'Protect our playground'

We love the outdoors. Protect Our Playground puts a focus on what we can do as individuals and as a larger group to keep our Rocky Mountain lands healthy, alive and growing. There’s so much room for activities right here in our own backyard — and we want to keep it that way.

In 2023, the Town of Vail continues to support the GoPro Mountain Games and our sustainability goals as we continue to find ways to make the event more sustainable to create a better future for everyone. Whether you are a visitor to Vail or local, we know there is a lot that goes into creating an environmentally sustainable event. We’re doing our best to make a difference. In 2023, we built upon previous efforts and launched new initiatives to save water, divert waste and take part in other beneficial programs with event partners, athletes and spectators.

What We Do

  • Waste diversion: In 2022, 86% of waste generated at the event was diverted from local landfills. In 2023, our goal is 90%.
  • Water stations: Don’t forget your reusable water bottle! Complimentary hydration refill stations are set up throughout Vail allowing for free refills (and less waste)
  • Giving back to the community: Want to help out more? Be a part of the GoPro Mountain Games Protect Our Playground Day of Service on June 24, 2023, when the Mountain Games will partner with Restore the Gore, the Town of Vail and the Eagle River Watershed Council to plant native trees, shrubs and plants along the Gore Creek to promote a healthy ecosystem along this valuable waterway.
  • Part of the Eagle County Climate Action Collaborative: The local Climate Action Collaborative led by Walking Mountains Science Center is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Eagle County 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050.
  • Take care of your Pooch: Don’t forget about your furry friend — they need to stay hydrated as well. Purina Pro Plan Dog Hydration Stations are located throughout Vail to help keep our K9 friends well hydrated and happy.
  • Work with event partners to make green choices
Protect our Playground

Minimizing our impact


Protect our Playground

Support the effort



  • Bring a reusable water bottle and fill up at one of the complimentary hydration refill stations around the GoPro Mountain Games
  • Clean up after yourself, your dog and others. Take a moment to pick up a piece of trash you find along the trail, in the Village or anywhere in the Town of Vail
  • Consider alternate modes of transportation: Bike, walk, carpool or use public transit (sorry, no dogs allowed on Town of Vail buses, though)
  • Work with our on-site volunteers at the waste diversion stations and be mindful of what goes where
  • Take care of YOUR playground year-round
  • Join our Green Team: Here’s your chance to make a REAL difference and support Walking Mountains, Vail Mountain, the Town of Vail and GoPro Mountain Games in their sustainability efforts. The simple goal is to limit the amount of trash going to the landfill by providing guidance and hands-on assistance for guests disposing items at the Zero Hero Tents.


The waters of Gore Creek may look clean and clear, but Gore Creek is suffering the impacts of development, landscaping, and recreation. As you enjoy the events and the excitement of the 2023 GoPro Mountain Games, don’t forget to Protect where you Play. From the snow on the mountains to the surging runoff in the streams, all our favorite activities depend on clean and abundant water. You can help protect this resource by:

    • Staying on the trail – Don’t trample riparian vegetation when you access Gore Creek.
    • Picking up after your pet – That means the bag goes in the trash, not on the trailside.
    • Using a reusable water bottle – The drinking water from Vail taps is some of the best in the world. Ditch the single-use plastic.
Protect our Playground