GMC SUP Surf Cross
Photo: Zach Mahone

GMC SUP Surf Cross


A Stand Up Paddle battle royal on Gore Creek. Protective gear is a must for this every-man/woman-for-themselves format.

9:00 AM

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Saturday, June 10 at 6:00 PM.

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Event Overview


9:00 AM

The first to survive this sprint from the Covered Bridge to the International Bridge will take the top spot on the podium. Think Snowboarder Cross or Skier Cross on SUP boards in class II-III rapids in Gore Creek. It’s going to be rowdy!




9:00 AM



Open – Men
Open – Women

  • Boards must be inflatable and may not exceed 11′. Boards will be measured at the start of the race.
  • Athletes must wear competitor bibs outside their PFDs at all times. 
  • Event organizers and whitewater rescue teams are not responsible for equipment rescue and/or equipment removal from the GoPro Mountain Games whitewater courses should athletes lose their equipment during practice or competition. 
required gear:
  • PFD
  • Helmet
  • Protective footwear
  • Full-legged wetsuit or drysuit
  • No leashes around ankles or wrists. If paddlers choose to wear a leash, it must have a release system that can be hand-activated and should also have an emergency break-away system. 
The following will NOT be allowed:
  • Double-bladed paddles
  • Multi-hull boards
  • Foot rudder steering systems
  • Athletes must arrive at the put-in no less than 45 minutes before their race start time to go through gear check, attend mandatory safety meeting, receive their start time and pick up their competition bib.   
  • The race is run in time trial format. 
  • Final race rules and format will be available during the Safety Meeting.   
  • Athletes are encouraged to use reef safe sunscreen during all competitions.
Race Start:
  • The race will begin with either a ground or floating start format.
  • Start location or “pole position” choice always goes to top finisher from previous round or fastest time from SUP Sprint within the heats and continues down the line.
  • False starts will be penalized by 2 positions if the starter does not recall the heat immediately after the start.
Race Format:
  • Paddlers may be required to navigate around no less then two (2) slalom style gates, buoys, or natural obstacles. The imaginary vertical plane of the gate remains whether the gate is swinging or not. The paddler must navigate properly with their whole body and part of their board. Gate penalties will be determined and announced on the day of the race.
  • Any intentional contact with the gate will result in a penalty or disqualification.
  • This is a clean ‘Boarder Cross’ style race where board contact is permitted.
  • Competitors may not take any strokes while on their knees, butt, or stomach. Competitors may go down to a knee in a defensive position but not proactively.
  • Each paddler must start and end the race standing on their own board.
  • A competitor’s finish will be official when their entire body crosses the finish line while holding their paddle.
  • Competitors may NOT throw their paddle to finish the race.
  • Both hands must remain on the athletes paddle at all times. No intentional grabbing, shoving, hitting or horseplay. Any of which will result in disqualification.
  • Top finishers will advance to the next round. Number of racers advancing in each round will be determined on race day. Rounds will continue until a winner is determined.

Race start is located riverside below the covered bridge in Mountain House Gear Town and the finish location will be at the International Bridge.

Price & Prizes


EARLY BIRD PRICING // February 1 – April 5, 2023

REGISTRATION PRICING // April 6 – May 31, 2023

EVENT PRICING // June 1 – June 10, 2023



1st – $500
2nd – $250
3rd – $100

1st – $500
2nd – $250
3rd – $100


1st – YETI Rambler 36oz Bottle
2nd – YETI Yonder 1L Bottle
3rd – YETI Yonder .75ml Bottle

Prizes to be determined.

Price & Prizes

Event Map


Race start is located riverside below the Covered Bridge in Vail Village and the finish location will be announced day-of depending on water levels.