Top perks of being a GoPro Mountain Games athlete
Photo: Jon Resnick

Top perks of being a GoPro Mountain Games athlete

Posted by: Tom Boyd

The GoPro Mountain Games attracts over 4,000 athletes to Vail and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado every summer. Families, kids, dogs, weekend warriors, music lovers, creatives, pro’s, Joe’s, Jane’s, and everyone in between are welcome. You don’t have to be a pro athlete to find joy at the Mountain Games. In 2023 over 90,000 spectators attended the GoPro Mountain Games — all here to see YOU. Here’s the Top Perks of Being a GoPro Mountain Games athlete:

1. Camaraderie

The camaraderie that comes with participating in the GoPro Mountain Games is strong. Where else can you find kayakers, SUPers, rafters, runners, cyclists, dogs, fisherpeople, yogis, and slackliners all hanging out?!

2. Prize Purse

More than $140,000 is on the line at the GoPro Mountain Games, spread across multiple competitions and disciplines. In addition, non-cash prizes are also available in most events. Whether you’re going for gold or just trying to finish, the top competitors will be going home with some money! See your specific prizes under each event.

2. Athlete Bag

We are aware that some athletes sign up just to get the Athlete Bag! And we don’t blame you! Get all decked out in the official gear including athlete shirt, bag, hat, socks, sponsor swag, and more!

3. Gumotex athlete lounge

Athletes can kick back and recover at the Gumotex Athlete Lounge, located at the base of Gondola One. There you can find beer tickets, drinks and snacks, sponsor samples, Razo massages, Vail IV and B12 shots, and a chance to win a Gumotex Pulsar 380.

4. Bragging rights

This kickoff to summer event lets athletes see just where they stand among other mountain athletes. In addition to the juicy prize purse, some serious brownie points are also on the line among friends and family.

Traditions are made in Vail, Colorado, during the GoPro Mountain Games amongst athletes. Catch up with friends, try to set a PR and, most of all, enjoy yourself and take pride in being a GoPro Mountain Games Athlete year after year.

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