Big picture: an overview of the 2021 event
Photo: Logan Robertson

Big picture: an overview of the 2021 event

Posted by: Tom Boyd

A lot of you are probably saying to yourselves, “Hey it’s GREAT that the GoPro Mountain Games are BACK … and I really want to sign up to compete … but, how are they going to deal with that whole global pandemic thing that has totally redefined life on planet earth for the past 12 months?”

Believe us when we say: “We hear you.”

In fact, we’ve spent more than a year envisioning, then re-visioning, then re-visioning again, what can and cannot be done to host an event that is worthy of the now-iconic GoPro Mountain Games moniker.

Our COVID-19 policies can be found HERE. If trends continue, it’s possible our guidelines will change. If so, we will post that information here on our website, and also share it through our other channels.

Beyond that, what other changes can you expect this year?

The GoPro Mountain Games typically feature sponsor tents and activations from more than 140 sponsors, known as “Gear Town”, however there will be no Gear Town in 2021.

Additionally, some competition venues will be eliminated altogether, and others will be moved, in order to create firm boundaries where capacity and physical distancing can be managed. We will also have caps on athlete numbers depending on the event and venue.

Keep in mind that the Town of Vail and its hotels, restaurants, and miles of outdoor hiking and biking trails will still be open and active during the GoPro Mountain Games. Visitors are encouraged to come to the Town of Vail and enjoy, while still committing to state and local public health guidelines.

The Vail Valley Foundation is working closely and in conjunction with public health officials to ensure that the event operates within guidelines.

Specific confirmed changes include:

  • Elimination of the Steep Creek venue in Red Cliff
  • Elimination of climbing venue in Mountain Plaza
  • Elimination of VIP area/access
  • Reduced number of Gear Town and sponsor activations & tent

We look forward to returning to former venues in 2022.


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