Ultimate Mountain Challenge

Ultimate Mountain Challenge


4 days, 6 events, 1 ultimate male & female champion.



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Event Overview

JUNE 10-13, 2021

*NEW FOR 2021* – We tweaked the rules and format so pay close attention and see if you have what it takes to be the GMC Ultimate Mountain Champion!

But wait, it gets even sweeter! Double dipping is allowed – UMC athletes are eligible to win prize money in each individual event in which they compete, and they are not restricted from competing in non-UMC events. Additional information on this year’s rules and competition format in the Rules tab and in the breakdowns below!

What is the difficulty multiplier assigned to each specific event?

Difficulty multipliers depend on the event. They have been determined by a combination of factors, including: skill level required, time commitment, participation caps and historical results.

Please consult the point rubric for a complete breakdown of event points.

Are points only awarded for top 3 finishers? Does that go by age group or by registration category?

Everyone who finishes each eligible event receives points. The better you finish and the higher the difficulty, the more points you’ll earn.

*NEW FOR 2021* Athletes will earn points on their OVERALL result within all running events; not age group result.  Athletes can still win prizes within their respective age group results.

Are participation points awarded if athletes don’t finish in the top 3?

Participation points are awarded regardless of rank. Did Not Start (DNS) and Did Not Finish (DNF) participants do not receive points at all. So, if you sign up for an event and finish, you will get a ‘finisher point’.

What is the best way for athletes to plan their Games so they can prepare for time conflicts?

Please review the Mountain Games EVENT SCHEDULE to study all start times and locations. Then, check our past results in our website’s ARCHIVE to gauge whether or not two events will compete with each other.

*NEW FOR 2021* Since we are requiring all athletes to compete in the Pro category of XC Mountain Bike, we will work on adjusting the start order of any UMC athlete who would like to compete in the Down River SUP Sprint & Down River Kayak Sprint.

Event Start Rules

  • Pepi’s Face-off: competitors must be present at the starting bell of Pepi’s Face-Off in order to score a valid start. Please note that there is only one wave of Pepi’s Face-Off this year.
  • 5K & Rocky Dog Trail Run Races: competitor start times will begin at clock start. Late arrivals will not score a DNS.

No special accommodations for start time or order, other than those events listed above, will be made for UMC Athletes.

Can I collect prize money for my placing in the events I’m competing in?

Double dipping is allowed! UMC athletes are eligible to win prize money in each individual event in which they compete, and they are not restricted from competing in non-UMC events. So if you compete in the XC Mountain Bike and win or place in the Pro category, you will receive that prize money. Then if you win or place in UMC, you will receive that prize payout on top of that. Talk about some ROI!

Just don’t do it.

UMC athletes are encouraged to compete at the appropriate level in each of their events. Organizers reserve the right to issue a points penalty if competitors participate in a category well below their skill level.

Ultimate Mountain Challenge


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Athlete disputes must be submitted within 1 hour of final results being posted.

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