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Road Bike Time Trial


Break out the spandex. It’s time for both recreational and hardcore road cyclists to tackle this quintessential uphill ride. 

Registration for this event opens in February 2019.

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Competitors of all ages and abilities will be able to race on the original Time Trial course ridden by legendary riders such as Greg LeMond and Bernard Hinault back in the late 1980’s. Andy Hampsten’s long standing course record of 26:33.43 set during the 1987 Coors Classic was broken at the 2008 Mountain Games by Benjamin Day (25:48) and Chris Baldwin (26:29). Will the new course record stand the test of time?

Sunday, June 9

Open – 9:30am

Masters 35+ – 9:30am

Masters 45+ – 9:30am

Beginners – 9:30am

Juniors – 9:30am

IMPORTANT: Registration for this event closes Friday, June 7 at 11pm. Athletes must check-in by 9:30am on Sunday, June 9 at main event Registration in Golden Peak.


Men & Women – Open
Men & Women – Masters 35+
Men & Women – Masters 45+
Men Masters 55+
Men & Women – Beginner
Men & Women – Juniors (17 & under)


Athletes must enter the race start area from Vail Valley Drive (east end of the Vail Village parking structure).

Final start times will be posted at the start area entrance and registration by approximately 9:00am on race day. Athletes are responsible to know their own start time and check-in to the start area at least 15 minutes prior to their start time. Athletes missing their start times will not be given a re-start time and registration fees will not be returned. Athletes who miss their assigned start time may still compete but the clock will have started at the assigned time and a rider will be timed based on that start time (ex: Riders start time is 11:00am and they show up at 11:05am. They will be allowed to start, but their time when they cross the finish line will be based on the 11:00am assigned start).

Racers will be sent out in (30) second intervals (Open Categories may be slotted in (1) minute intervals). Start times will be determined according to category, how many people are in your category and the date when registered.

The course is open to traffic, so be aware of vehicles at all times for safety.

There will be absolutely no drafting behind any riders which are being overtaken or have been passed, riders MUST swing out of any slipstream from a rider they are overtaking at least ten yards previous to a pass. Any observed violation will result in disqualification.

All racers are REQUIRED to ride within the cones which will form a “racing lane” while turning right off the north frontage road, riding under the I-70 overpass, then making the left hand turn onto Bighorn Road which takes you through East Vail. You will have to slow down to negotiate this portion of the course. Stay alert as this is a busy intersection. Law enforcement officials will be here to control traffic.

Riders who have completed the course and are returning to Vail MUST remain as far right as reasonably possible and will not exceed 25 miles an hour. This is purely a safety precaution as a blow out at high descending speeds could result in loss of control of a bike and a potential collision, please descend safely.

No tripping, shoving or horseplay will be tolerated and any athlete participating in foul play will be pulled from the course and disqualified.


Start line is on the Eastern end of East Meadow Drive in Vail Village in front of Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa.



Registration for this event opens in February 2019.

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MEN – (Overall – Open)
1st – $2,000
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $500

WOMEN – (Overall – Open)
1st – $2,000
2nd – $1,000
3rd – $500

Price & Prizes

East Meadow Drive near the Covered Bridge in Gear Town