Time to get training: Ariel Tweto
Photo: Courtesy Into America's Wild film

Time to get training: Ariel Tweto

Posted by: Shauna Farnell

We continue our Time to Get Training series with TV personality, producer and outdoor lover, Ariel Tweto.

New to the Mountain Games, you might know the Alaska native from her roles in the reality show, “Flying Wild Alaska,” the Morgan Freeman-narrated “Into America’s Wild,” or as a participant on the game show, Wipeout.”

Ariel will be on-camera and helping out with Outside TV’s nightly, live, coverage of the GoPro Mountain Games June 10 – 13, 2021 and will also be featured on the in-person interviews of the She Explores Podcast.

Ariel Tweto on a bike
Ariel Tweto will be part of the live, nightly, Outside TV event coverage (and will also be competing in select events!). Photo courtesy @areiltweto.

BUT, you probably don’t know that the nature enthusiast who has been spending most of her pandemic time in Laguna Beach, Calif., has been clocking some serious miles on her ebike. She’s signed up for the Bosch Ebike Challenge and although it’s her first ever bike race, she’s, “…getting a reputation for spending some quality time in the dirt and brush.” She sometimes rides all day and has been pushing herself trying new lines and drops. Oh yes, she also has an incredible level of base fitness, having made a point to go out for a run every single day for almost 20 years.

“I haven’t missed a single day of running since August 1, 2001,” she says. “I competed in college, but now I just run for my sanity and because it makes me start the day off on the right foot. I’ve never gone on a run and felt worse after. I know running every day isn’t recommended, but it works for me and on days when I don’t feel like going as far or climbing as high, I won’t.”

Before the pandemic, Tweto traveled nearly every week and was always on the go. For her, the silver lining of the last year and a half has been (in between her daily run and hammering on her bike) learning to relax and find pleasure in small things.

“I couldn’t sit still and was horrible at chilling,” she says. “I’ve definitely learned to slow down, breathe, be in the moment and enjoy the ordinary things that happen every day that may not be that exciting but that we take for granted – making a good cup of coffee or reading outside or packing a little backpack with snacks and hiking to a pretty ridge to just soak it in.”

Catch her hammering on the Bosch Ebike Challenge course (and a whole lot more). You might have to switch to high gear to keep up.

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